Proven Methodology

We at DexPros™ understand that there is no one way to build software systems. Our goal is to achieve consistent software development results. To do this, we have built a mature software system development process that will provide quality outcomes consistently. Following our proven methodology also allows us to anticipate and control project costs and timelines. 

Our methodology begins with a thorough Requirements Gathering and Analysis phase. This phase allows us to:

  • Carefully ascertain the needs of our clients through written requirements, specifications, demonstrations, and other various methods.
  • Provide a preliminary quote for the project based on the information gathered.

Once the Requirements Gathering and Analysis phase has been completed, we move into the Design phase of the project. The Design phase includes:

  • Prototyping windows, reports, and other elements of the project to promote understanding and clarity
  • Creating Database design details
  • Providing Work flow and user diagrams
  • Completing a Functional Design Specification (FDS)

Once we have a mutually agreed upon FDS we can provide a more detailed quote for the project. When the paperwork is in place based upon the signed FDS and detailed quote, development work can begin.

During the Development phase of our methodology, we do our programming and unit testing in our development environment. We utilize the sample data provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP as a basis for our testing.

Once development has been completed and tested against this environment, we move into our Deployment phase of the project. Deployment includes:

  • Systems testing in the client’s environment
  • Refinement of the code
  • Training of technical personnel
  • Installation and deployment documentation
  • Project Documentation that describes the features of the project

After deployment, we offer 30 days of free support in which we are available to address any issues found. In this time, clients exercise the deployed software and conduct user testing. We promptly research and address any issues reported during this time.

Once the project is completed we receive sign-off from the client showing satisfaction with the project. We also ask each client to provide a referral for us regarding the completed project.