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What is DexPros™?

Dexpros™ provides professional consulting services for Microsoft Business Solutions Applications. We specialize in making Microsoft Dynamics GP* meet the needs of our clients through customizations, integrations, and upgrades which lead to increased profitability and productivity. Our professionally designed and developed solutions will eliminate redundant data entry, capture additional data, and provide a seamless user experience.

We have over 17 years of experience working directly with Microsoft Dynamics GP on a consistent basis. DexPros™ is able to create complex customizations that integrate seamlessly with the features of the standard GP product. DexPros™ began with GP training while employed by Great Plains and then Microsoft. This training was the best training available and has provided a very solid foundation for our company.

Our specialization focuses on utilizing Dexterity to create solutions, but also includes solutions that make use of SQL Server Programming, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, VBA, C#, XML, FTP, and other technologies as needed to accomplish the desired goals. Because DexPros™ has an extensive background in Software Engineering besides GP, we are able to incorporate other products and technologies with ease.

To ensure the quality of our products exceeds our clients' expectations, we follow a proven methodology for each project that clearly assesses and focuses on the needs of each requirement given. Following this methodology also provides consistent results for each project. Our projects range from providing simple reporting capabilities to developing complete modules that integrate fully and seamlessly with GP. Overall, our goal at DexPros™ is to make the lives of our clients easier and more productive.

*Formerly Great Plains; includes Small Business Manager and Small Business Financials