Isn't custom development expensive? Custom development can be thought of as an investment. Investing in a solution that will make GP work the way that you need it to work will often eliminate extra time spent redoing data entry, reduce mistakes made by duplicate entry, and readily provide the necessary information for reporting without having to hand manipulate the data. Clients should carefully consider each of these elements to determine what their return on investment will be.

Do we have to go through each step of the methodology? Yes. Experience has shown that completing each step produces a better quality end result and ensures mutual understanding and agreement at each step of the project. Smaller projects will likely progress more quickly through the steps than larger projects. Clearly defined requirements provided by a client will also help the project to move more quickly through the initial phases.

Do you sell Microsoft Dynamics GP? No. We focus our attention solely on augmenting Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of selling the product. We are happy to refer you to a qualified Microsoft Partner when necessary.

What products do you support?We focus primarily on Microsoft Dynamics GP of all versions, but also do work with Small Business Manager and Small Business Financials for those clients who have not yet upgraded.

What is your hourly rate? Our current rate is very competitive with other companies in our industry who share the same area of specialization. We do not claim to have the cheapest rate in the world, but we feel our rate is commensurate with the quality and experience of the developers that work on your project.

Do you negotiate on your rate? In certain circumstances, we offer discounts. You would need to speak to our Business Manager, Brian regarding eligibility and requirements for such a discount.

Do you work with Microsoft CRM or Microsoft RMS? No. We focus on Microsoft Dynamics GP and related technologies. Microsoft CRM and Microsoft RMS are built on different technologies than GP and we choose to keep our specialization in GP.

Do you perform GP implementations? No. We are highly trained and experienced software developers. While we understand the functionality of many areas of GP, most of our knowledge is at a technical level. We are not accountants and cannot advise clients on accounting related matters which is typically needed for implementations. We are happy to refer you to a qualified Microsoft Partner when necessary.

Where are you located? We are headquartered in the Phoenix, Arizona area but provide services throughout the United States and Canada.

What regions do you support? We work for clients throughout the United States and Canada. We take advantage of the vast array of technology available today to allow the majority of our work to be done remotely in one of our offices. We do travel onsite at cost when necessary.

Another programmer started on a project for us, but it isn't working like we want it. Can you fix it? Yes. Over the years, we have taken over projects and brought them to satisfactory completion for our clients. We have often found that novice developers have gotten lost in the nuances of GP development. Our vast experience allows us to easily spot and correct errors in Dexterity code.

Can you perform upgrades on a customized system? Yes! We can typically upgrade GP customizations with ease. The fastest way for us to upgrade a customization is obtaining the source code for your current version. If the source code is not available to you, we can look at what you have and give you a quote for recreating the customization.

What does DexPros™ stand for? Dexterity Professionals - Dexterity is the proprietary language that Microsoft Dynamics GP is built upon.

Can you train my developers how to use Dexterity? Yes. We can provide development classes for your employees. Please contact us and we can discuss your specific needs and develop a personalized curriculum.